The making of a monster…canopy that is!

While we build canopies every day of the week, building a canopy for a F Truck certainly isn’t the everyday.

With their current set up not meeting their needs, our clients approached us wanting all the features that a standard Bull Canopy provides, but just on a much bigger scale, and we were up to the challenge.

The solution was a 2 door Metro Range Canopy, with provision for two external wheel holders, built onto a tray measuring 2000mm wide x 2400 mm long.

After a lot of planning, in both our Queensland and Western Australia offices, production started and once we saw the finished tray, we could all really start to envisage the finished size of this canopy.


The tray though, was just the foundation for what was to come.  While Tony, one of our skilled builders, isn’t the tallest in the workshop, he certainly started to look shorter during the build process.  The completed canopy measured in at 2000 mm wide  x 2450 mm long.


Once the build was complete, it was onto paint for the next step in the process.  The canopy certainly filled the paint booth and needed enough to paint four standard canopies!  That’s more paint than it takes to paint the interior surfaces in an average lounge and dining room!



While the scale of this build is larger than normal, the standard build features remain the same.

  • Built from 3mm aluminium
  • Fitted to chassis
  • LED tail lights and LED number plate light
  • Rope rails, mud guards and mud flaps
  • Internal seals and gutter system – guaranteed to be both water proof and dust proof
  • Unistrut channel internal and external, enables easy install and removal of options and other parts.
  • Door open safety alarms.
  • Full length side doors.
  • Universal mount system – canopy is Interchangeable on any standard size cab chassis.

Once the canopy was built, it was onto the custom designed internal fitout, which consisted of

    • 3 x 1500mm long x 607mm wide x 350mm high drawer units, some with internal partitions, fitted side by side
    • Internal lights
    • Fire extinguisher
    • High level shelf
    • Fridge Slide
    • Tie down points
    • Repositioning of existing secondary battery system and solar panels

photo4 photo5

We think you’ll agree, the end result is something pretty awesome.

To the canopy owners we wish you many safe travels for the roads ahead.  We look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures.