How we work

Here at Bull Motor Bodies we have developed a proven process to assist you in creating the most productive, uniform, safe and efficient fleet solution possible.  We understand your commercial fleet requirements and the significance of a cost effective safe and reliable fleet.

Your Fleet fitout specialists

Bull Motor Bodies is your fleet fitout one stop shop. Not only do we design and manufacture our unique range of service bodies, trays and toolboxes, we can also custom design and manufacture specific options to suit your fleet’s individual needs. We also partner with some of Australia’s leading commercial vehicle accessory providers allowing Bull to package a complete solution from bull bar to towbar and everything in between.


Customised solutions for your fleet

After an initial meeting with you and your team to understand your core service vehicle requirements, our experienced engineers will develop a range of suggested layout solutions, delivered to you as a suite of 3D, fully dimensioned images. This gives you and your operators a visual aid to ensure that the vehicle will cater for all of your equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

In addition to providing you with visual proposals, our team work to provide you with realistic ‘whole of life’ costings and the importance of the value proposition that our proposal brings. We have helped many national companies transform their vehicle fleets to new levels of compliance and efficiency, whilst driving down overall vehicle costs and we are confident that our solutions can help you too.

Vehicle Safety and Compliance

The safety of your operators is paramount. Here at Bull, we understand all of the legislative requirements that affect fleet managers across Australia and deliver fully compliant vehicles. As we build up your vehicle solution, we take into account the weight of each component enabling us to accurately calculate the completed weight of your vehicle and therefore inform you of your remaining payload and compliance.

We design all of options taking into account safe work practices, removing the need for operators over exert when completing their day to day tasks.