Factors to consider when managing a Fleet

At Bull Motor Bodies we understand the management of your Fleet Vehicles and Service Bodies is a complex task and a balance between risk, performance and cost.
Risk can be expressed as the agreed unknown risk associated with the asset performance. We can deal with risk by reducing, avoiding or transferring it, to a third party eg Insurance
Performance is a quantitative measure which includes Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Supportability.
Cost is expressed in dollar terms, but may also include other measures.  Cost is more than the initial cost of procurement, but also risk mitigation measures such as maintenance and spares and ongoing costs such as fuel.  It may also include any costs associated with the vehicle downtime.

At Bull Motor Bodies our aim is to deliver a complete front to back solution that takes into consideration all of the above for fleet managers. The result is a fleet that is compliant, efficient and productive in the field.

To achieve this, our Fleet Specialists take the time to gain an in depth knowledge of individual operator needs by understanding:

• The current fleet configuration
• Fleet performance, both vehicle and service body
• OH&S requirements
• Productivity, weights & efficiency

Get in touch with one of our Fleet Specialists today and let Bull Motor Bodies develop a solution to meet your fleet requirements.