Factors to consider when managing a Fleet

At Bull Motor Bodies we understand the management of your Fleet Vehicles and Service Bodies is a complex task and a balance between risk, performance and cost.
Risk can be expressed as the agreed unknown risk associated with the asset performance. We can deal with risk by reducing, avoiding or transferring it, to a third party eg Insurance
Performance is a quantitative measure which includes Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Supportability.
Cost is expressed in dollar terms, but may also include other measures.  Cost is more than the initial cost of procurement, but also risk mitigation measures such as maintenance and spares and ongoing costs such as fuel.  It may also include any costs associated with the vehicle downtime.

At Bull Motor Bodies our aim is to deliver a complete front to back solution that takes into consideration all of the above for fleet managers. The result is a fleet that is compliant, efficient and productive in the field.

To achieve this, our Fleet Specialists take the time to gain an in depth knowledge of individual operator needs by understanding:

• The current fleet configuration
• Fleet performance, both vehicle and service body
• OH&S requirements
• Productivity, weights & efficiency

Get in touch with one of our Fleet Specialists today and let Bull Motor Bodies develop a solution to meet your fleet requirements.

Build Spotlight – Insight Electrical Technology

An efficient fit out will lead to less downtime and increased productivity.  This fit out, which includes our new cable roll holder, will certainly make the work day more productive for these electricians.


Mitsubishi Triton


Single Cab

Bull Canopy

Bull Trade Tuff Canopy – 3 door

Build Inclusions

  • Trade Tuff Canopy with Bi-fold doors on both Driver and Passenger Side
  • Double Bay Shelving Unit mounted above and alongside Rola Case system
  • Drivers side shelving system consists of 8 shelves complete with rubber grommets to hold them in place when on corrugated / bumpy roads
  • Shelves are fully adjustable / removable and hold various plastic tubs if required (Bull can supply)
  • Additional shelving unit fitted to the front of the canopy
  • Cable roll holder (ideal for Electricians) fitted
  • Both shelving units fully interchangeable
  • Rubber mat
  • Central locking integrated with the vehicle remote
  • Reverse sensors
  • Roof rack with conduit carrier
  • Rear slide out drawer also added

To contact one of our team for help on designing your custom internal build specification, click here.

The making of a monster…canopy that is!

While we build canopies every day of the week, building a canopy for a F Truck certainly isn’t the everyday.

With their current set up not meeting their needs, our clients approached us wanting all the features that a standard Bull Canopy provides, but just on a much bigger scale, and we were up to the challenge.

The solution was a 2 door Metro Range Canopy, with provision for two external wheel holders, built onto a tray measuring 2000mm wide x 2400 mm long.

After a lot of planning, in both our Queensland and Western Australia offices, production started and once we saw the finished tray, we could all really start to envisage the finished size of this canopy.


The tray though, was just the foundation for what was to come.  While Tony, one of our skilled builders, isn’t the tallest in the workshop, he certainly started to look shorter during the build process.  The completed canopy measured in at 2000 mm wide  x 2450 mm long.


Once the build was complete, it was onto paint for the next step in the process.  The canopy certainly filled the paint booth and needed enough to paint four standard canopies!  That’s more paint than it takes to paint the interior surfaces in an average lounge and dining room!



While the scale of this build is larger than normal, the standard build features remain the same.

  • Built from 3mm aluminium
  • Fitted to chassis
  • LED tail lights and LED number plate light
  • Rope rails, mud guards and mud flaps
  • Internal seals and gutter system – guaranteed to be both water proof and dust proof
  • Unistrut channel internal and external, enables easy install and removal of options and other parts.
  • Door open safety alarms.
  • Full length side doors.
  • Universal mount system – canopy is Interchangeable on any standard size cab chassis.

Once the canopy was built, it was onto the custom designed internal fitout, which consisted of

    • 3 x 1500mm long x 607mm wide x 350mm high drawer units, some with internal partitions, fitted side by side
    • Internal lights
    • Fire extinguisher
    • High level shelf
    • Fridge Slide
    • Tie down points
    • Repositioning of existing secondary battery system and solar panels

photo4 photo5

We think you’ll agree, the end result is something pretty awesome.

To the canopy owners we wish you many safe travels for the roads ahead.  We look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures.


Bull Canopy vs Vans

Interchangeability, safety, security and comfort are just some of the reasons why Bull Canopies are being chosen over traditions vans.

Make your investment go further

Bull Motor Bodies unique universal mounting system allows users to transfer all of our chassis mounted bodies from vehicle to vehicle, regardless of make or model.  Set up your body once and simply transfer it from ute to ute.

Our modular build system not only keeps the quality of our product to the highest of standards but also allows quick and cost effective repairs to be completed anywhere in the country.

Protect yourself, your workers and your family

All leading utes now have 5 star ANCAP safety ratings.  No van in Australia can match this.  This added with superior gross vehicle and combined vehicle masses ensures your vehicle is both safe and compliant at all times.

Modern utes not only match the ride and handling of passenger vehicles but offer safety features such as stability control, anti lock brakes, curtain side airbags and traction control as standard.

Protect your assets

Our vast experience in dealing with all industries across Australia means we have the most appropriate solution to suit your specific needs.  These include shelving, drawers, workbenches, roof racks and underbody solutions to suit all your required tools and equipment.

Bodies are able to be connected to the vehicles central locking and alarm system giving you piece of mind when leaving your vehicle.

Be comfortable, no matter what the conditions

Utes provide better driver comfort and seat positioning relative to vans.  Models are available in 4×4 allowing greater flexibility and performance in all conditions around Australia.

Our design of canopy allows easy access to all tools and equipment in comparison to a van where access is gained by climbing inside and stooping whilst you collect your tools and equipment.  Bull canopies allow you to work at the correct height and enjoy protection from the elements under our gull wing doors.

Download our PDF Flyer

This is a rig!!

Toyota Landcruiser

Dual Cab

Bull Canopy
Trade Tuff Series – 2 Door Canopy Range

Build Inclusions

  • 2 x External spare wheel holders fitted to rear
  • 1200mm long slide out drawer
  • 50L centre mount water tank
  • Triple aero bars to suit client supplied solar panels
  • Custom fitout comprising of:
    • Drop down 40L fridge slide partitioned off from remainder of canopy
    • Single drawer with bench to passenger side rear
    • 3 drawer system with bench to drivers side
  • Secondary battery system with 1000W pure sign wave inverter
  • Muller vent to keep fridge ventilated
  • Central locking
  • Reverse camera
  • Finished in blue to match vehicle

To contact one of our team and find your ultimate service vehicle solution, click here.

The Ultimate Service Vehicle Solution

Ford Ranger

Single Cab

Bull Canopy
Bull Aluminium Flat Tray with 2 x 1600mm long Bull Boxes

Build Inclusions

  • Heavy duty internal drawers and shelves for storage of tools, parts and equipment
  • Secondary battery system with 1000W inverter
  • Air compressor between boxes with Canvas cover
  • Drop down vice
  • Underslung water tank
  • Rear slide out drawer
  • Mine spec light bar
  • Oxy bottle chocks
  • Fire extinguisher, wheel chocks, first aid kit

To contact one of our team and find your ultimate service vehicle solution, click here.

Richmond Valley Council

Vehicle Type
Ford Ranger PX2

Extra Cab

Bull Canopy
Bull Trade Tuff Canopy

Build Inclusions

  • Trade Tuff Extra Cab with Bi-fold doors on Drivers Side
  • 45L Underslung Water Tank
  • Secondary Battery System
  • Redline Flash Point Beacon Light
  • Surveyors Specification internal design, including custom design dumpy box and tripod storage drawer
  • Fire Extinguisher

To contact one of our team for help on designing your custom internal build specification, click here

Explore Australia with a Bull Canopy

The Bull Motor Bodies leisure and camping market continues to be the fastest growing sector of our business. Our clients travel right across the country, hitting some of Australia’s toughest roads and conditions. On their travels, clients are frequently stopped by others and asked to demonstrate their Bull canopy and fitout. Feedback from this sector is extremely positive and we thank all of our clients for their ongoing support.

The Bull two and three door canopy range is made from high strength, high grade aluminium, so it is strong, lightweight as well as versatile. With hundreds of internal and external accessories, ranging from secondary battery systems, lighting, roof rack/boat loading systems and drawer units, we are able to provide a solution to suit your specific requirements. By utilising our unique uni-strut channel system throughout our canopies, options can be added at any time and can be fitted remotely if you are not available to visit your nearest Bull branch.

Our unique design of canopies incorporate:

  • Internal seals
  • Internal gutter systems
  • Stainless steel piano hinges
  • Full length door openings

The above features mean that all Bull Motor Bodies canopies are guaranteed to be both water and dust proof. Internal seals and full length doors allow clients to take their vehicles down any off-road track, without having to worry about the impact that might have on the canopy seals. Our unique internal gutter system prevents water ingress (even when the canopy doors are open) providing clients with superb protection from the elements.

To enquire about the Bull Motor Bodies canopy range and a solution to your requirements, please call us on 1300 BULL MB