The Bull Story

Bull Motor Bodies is Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium service bodies, flat trays and tool boxes. The story behind Bull Motor Bodies phenomenal success stemmed from the initial desire of its owners to build the best range of ute bodies and trays. After five years of building aluminium service bodies, the owners invested in powerful 3D automotive modelling software and set about redesigning a whole range of standardised products from scratch. Their mission was to manufacture the range to be made of the highest quality materials, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. All bodies built by Bull Motor Bodies are now completely standardised and are built in one of the most efficient plants in the industry. This keeps our quality and overall finish of our products to an exceptionally high standard.

Our work force is highly specialised. Because of our volume and standardisation, each worker can concentrate on one job (e.g full canopies) and he soon becomes the best in the industry at that job. We build jigs, fixtures and other tooling that allows the worker to do his job with a minimum amount of effort and a maximum amount of accuracy.

Most of our competitors build many types of bodies of varying sizes, and their skills are spread too widely, preventing them from really optimizing the design and production of any one model. This also creates a higher lead time and a potential slip in overall quality.

We do no custom structural work. Rather, we offer a huge number of standard options for clients to ‘customise’ their bodies to suit their requirements. We can also develop specific layouts for larger companies, which are then recorded and built to the same spec, on time, every time. Basically, we know what we do, and we do it well.

Bull Motor Bodies are continuously expanding and we look forward to what will be an exciting future.