How Bull Motor Bodies can help improve your Fleet

At Bull Motor Bodies we understand the purchase price of the service body is not the definitive measurement of value. We understand the “whole of Life” cost of your vehicle fleet is what really matters. When creating solutions for your fleet, we focus on the following:

  1. Vehicle efficiency – We work closely with fleet and operators to understand the specific requirements of each vehicle type.
  2. Vehicle Safety and Compliance – Bull works with fleet to understand the core OH&S and weight requirements expected from light vehicles and provide solutions to suit.
  3. Vehicle turnover and useable life – Our unique chassis mount system enables your service body to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, lease to lease.
  4. Vehicle Build up Efficiency and Cost – Bull can offer our Fleet clients the complete front to back solution, from the bull bar to the towbar, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.
  5. Vehicle reliability and downtime – Traditionally, service bodies are hard to repair, our unique module design means in the event of damage, repairs are quick and cost effective.
  6. Vehicle Support – Bull works with authorised smash repairers around the country to carry out any repairs required.

Recent Fleet Delivery

Bull Motor Bodies Qld was recently engaged by one of Queenslands’ largest Regional Councils to develop a specification that would be suitable for their Plumbing Department.

By visiting the Council Workshop and meeting with the individual operators and Fleet Manager, Bull Motor Bodies was able to fully understand the functionality required on a daily basis and assist the Fleet Manager in producing a standardised build for this department.  The final build specification will maximise the productivity of individual operators in the field and, when necessary allow vehicles to be swapped between operators with a minimum of disruption.

Canopy Build included:

  • Metro Series 900mm high, 3 Door, Single Cab Canopy – Chassis mounted – Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Floor vent
  • Central Locking
  • Slide Out Drawer
  • Tradesman Roof Rack
  • Conduit carriers with lockable end caps
  • Amber Strobe
  • Underslung Toolboxes x 3
  • Underslung Water Tank
  • Drop Down Vice
  • Bull Motor Bodies Internal Drawer Systems
  • Single Bay Shelving