Light the way

Dreadful weather, night driving and the impending hazard of stray animals all demand the need for a clear view of the road. At Bull Motor Bodies, we partner with Australia’s most respected driving light suppliers to provide a one stop shop for clients.  Our range of lights are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions and are perfect for work or leisure, keeping the road ahead brightly illuminated, ensuring all obstacles are visible.

By focusing light properly in front of the vehicle, our lighting options will help increase visible range, improving your ability to react and reducing driver fatigue.

Whatever your lighting needs, we’ve got you covered.  From crystal clear interior lighting to lights that will illuminate an entire worksite, we offer an extensive range of vehicle and interior lighting options to suit your every need.

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Find your unique solution!

Bull Motor Bodies Queensland have worked with many commercial and government organisations in providing a range of standardised, fit for purpose, compliant and efficient light vehicle builds.

Bull Motor Bodies have over 20 years experience in providing fleets with tailored vehicles to suit their specific requirements. Our sales team will work within your organisation to understand each vehicles core requirements in order to then provide 3D drawings our of proposed solution. Our experienced engineers will then develop a range of suggested layout solutions, delivered as a suite of 3D, fully dimensioned images. This gives operators a visual aid to ensure that the vehicle will cater for all of their equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Once standardised, the drawings are then used through all stages of design, fabrication and fitting to ensure the vehicle is delivered to the exact standard right across the country.

Bull Motor Bodies is a fleet fitout one stop shop. We partner with some of Australia’s leading commercial vehicle accessory providers allowing Bull to package a complete solution from bull bar to tow-bar and everything in between. We have helped many national companies transform their vehicle fleets to new levels of compliance and efficiency, whilst driving down overall vehicle costs

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Explore Australia with a Bull Canopy

The Bull Motor Bodies leisure and camping market continues to be the fastest growing sector of our business. Our clients travel right across the country, hitting some of Australia’s toughest roads and conditions. On their travels, clients are frequently stopped by others and asked to demonstrate their Bull canopy and fitout. Feedback from this sector is extremely positive and we thank all of our clients for their ongoing support.

The Bull two and three door canopy range is made from high strength, high grade aluminium, so it is strong, lightweight as well as versatile. With hundreds of internal and external accessories, ranging from secondary battery systems, lighting, roof rack/boat loading systems and drawer units, we are able to provide a solution to suit your specific requirements. By utilising our unique uni-strut channel system throughout our canopies, options can be added at any time and can be fitted remotely if you are not available to visit your nearest Bull branch.

Our unique design of canopies incorporate:

  • Internal seals
  • Internal gutter systems
  • Stainless steel piano hinges
  • Full length door openings

The above features mean that all Bull Motor Bodies canopies are guaranteed to be both water and dust proof. Internal seals and full length doors allow clients to take their vehicles down any off-road track, without having to worry about the impact that might have on the canopy seals. Our unique internal gutter system prevents water ingress (even when the canopy doors are open) providing clients with superb protection from the elements.

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