The Bull Story

Strength, Security and Style

Bull Motor Bodies is Australia’s leading supplier of aluminium service bodies, flat trays and tool boxes. The story behind Bull Motor Bodies phenomenal success stemmed from the initial desire of its owners to build the best range of ute bodies and trays. After five years of building aluminium service bodies, the owners invested in powerful 3D automotive modelling software and set about redesigning a whole range of standardised products from scratch. Their mission was to manufacture the range to be made of the highest quality materials, whilst keeping costs to a minimum. All bodies built by Bull Motor Bodies are now completely standardised and are built in one of the most efficient plants in the industry. This keeps our quality and overall finish of our products to an exceptionally high standard.


All of our products are designed using state of the art 3D design software. Everything is laser cut and built in jigs ensuring quality, accuracy and repeatability.


With over 15 years in the automotive body building industry, we have the expertise and team to provide solutions to any business.


Our passion for design has produced the most innovative, functional and appealing service body range in Australia. We pride ourselves on leading the way.


With branches in both Western Australia and Queensland we service Australia’s largest fleets. These are supported through a national network of approved repairers.


With the ability to refit any Bull Canopy to a new vehicle, irrespective of make or model, Bull Canopies represent a great investment.


Proven to handle all conditions around Australia whilst remaining waterproof and dustproof.

Fleet uniformity

Let us help you to develop the most efficient, cost effective, safe, compliant and uniform fleet

We have helped some of Australia’s companies to develop their fleet solutions. Let us help you

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